Long ago chunks of the world were lifted into the sky by a mysterious force. Cities, towns, mountains, even Waterfalls and rivers and oceans now reside miles up in the sky. The problem is without roads and trails connecting everything there’s no way to go from place to place so the people of Carlon banded together and got their greatest minds to find a solution. No one could figure out how to get back down to the earth but they figured out how to create airships. With this knowledge and the first airships aloft they took to the skies in search of neighboring towns and cities. To help rebuild and get food, medicine and other goods these cities would now have to work together. Skip forward a few years and civilization has stabilized and airships are being built by the dozens. Explorers are going out in every direction now trying to find more people and towns. No ships or explorers to date have made it through the cloud barrier below islands. More years have passed and Carlon has become a bustling metropolis and practical leader of the Sky Cities. More years pass and most forget about even trying to get back down to the earth below. There are still stories of course of the world below but people don’t pay them much mind anymore.

Cities in the Sky